Caramel Crystals Organic Slow-Roasted Sugar 15oz Jar

15oz - Caramel Crystals Organic Slow-Roasted Sugar

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Caramel Crystals has a complex sweetness and aroma, and is made from only organic, slow-roasted cane sugar - no added colors or flavors. The rich layers of flavor naturally include notes of vanilla, toffee, and crème brûlée

Our slow-roasting process creates a natural sweetener with fewer carbs & calories per serving than regular sugar!

Directly substitute Caramel Crystals for regular sugar (1-for-1). No need to alter recipes!

Every small batch is slow-roasted and hand-stirred over several hours for perfect, golden caramelization.

The 15oz size comes in a light-weight, wide mouth bottle, perfect for measuring out larger quantities for baking and other recipes.

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